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(internally accredited in 2010)

Multimedia Technologies and Telecommunications


(internally accredited in 2010)

Multimedia Systems and Applications Laboratory

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Intelligent and Multimodal Analysis and Processing of Images and Speech Laboratory



Unified Communications in Telecommunications Networks Laboratories

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Digital Transmission and Communications Systems Laboratory

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Wireless and Cellular Communications Laboratory

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Adaptive Systems Laboratory

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Speech Processing Laboratory


Data Processing and Security Research Centre

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Software in Electronics and Telecommuniocations Laboratory


Speech Analysys, Synthesis and Recognition Laboratory



Cisco-Electronics and Telecommunications

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Longlife Learning Programme (LLP) Erasmus

Erasmus Mundus CARIBU

Cluj Innovation City

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Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN)

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ETTI)



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Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Communications Department, 26-28 George Baritiu St., Room 364 400027 Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Tel: +40-264-401226, Fax: +40-264-401916,





Professor Virgil DOBROTA, Ph.D.



Professor Virgil DOBROTA, Ph.D.

Professor Romulus TEREBES, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Bogdan ORZA, Ph.D.



11 Professors:

Professor Monica BORDA, Ph.D.

Professor Aurel VLAICU, Ph.D.

Professor Virgil DOBROTA, Ph.D.

Professor Tudor PALADE, Ph.D.

Professor Mircea VAIDA, Ph.D.

Professor Vasile BOTA, Ph.D.

Professor Eugen LUPU, Ph.D.

Professor Mircea GIURGIU, Ph.D.

Professor Radu ARSINTE, Ph.D.

Professor Petre POP, Ph.D.

Professor Romulus TEREBES, Ph.D.

10 Associate Professors:

Associate Professor Daniel ZINCA, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Zsolt POLGAR, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Mihaela GORDAN, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Bogdan ORZA, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Nicolae CRISAN, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emanuel PUSCHITA Ph.D.

Associate Professor Ligia CREMENE, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Raul MALUTAN, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Anca APATEAN, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Simina Maria EMERICH, Ph.D.

16 Assistant Professors:

Assistant Professor Cosmin STRILETCHI, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Tudor BLAGA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Mihaly VARGA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Ligia CHIOREAN, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Camelia FLOREA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Ovidiu BUZA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Andrei Bogdan RUS, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Iulian BENTA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Serban MEZA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Adriana STAN, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Mihaela CISLARIU, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Andra PASTRAV, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Paul DOLEA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Ioana ILEA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Iustin IVANCIU, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Zsuzsanna SUTA, Ph.D.

Ph.D. STUDENTS: 24 + 2 (with taxes)

Dumitru BALANICI, Vlad TOMSA, Radu MARINCEAN, Ionut CRACIUN, Constantin MITREA, Marius NECHITI, Claudiu BIC, Andreia MICLEA, Stefania BARBURICEANU, Adrian MICLEA, Tibor MOLNAR, Vasile NAN, Andras NYAKAS, Gabriel LAZAR, Vasile TRIF, Fanica COLBEA, Eugeniu SEMENCIUC, Gheorghe MINTEUAN, Catalin POP, Sandu CIMPONERIU, Mircea VLASIN, Denis BETIVU, Eusebiu JECAN, Zoltan PADRAH, Melinda FANCSAL, Paul TOTA



Gabriel LAZAR


4-YEAR B.SC. (Bologna System)


Courses for B.Sc. in Telecommunications Technologies and Systems (TST), in Romanian and English: Computer Programming Languages Computer Programming - Algorithms Microwaves Microproccesors Theory of Information and Coding Modulation Techniques Programming Engineering Telephony Microprocessors-based Systems Decision and Estimation in Information Processing Switching and Routing Systems Radiocommunications Computer Networks Television Engineering Internet Protocols Cellular Radiocommunications Mobile Communications Data Transmission Audio-Video Digital Techniques Digital Image Processing Multimedia Technologies Speech Processing Media Processors Digital Signal Processors


Courses for B.Sc. in Applied Electronics (EA), in Romanian and English: Computer Programming Languages Computer Programming - Algorithms Microwaves Microproccesors Theory of Information and Coding Communications Techniques Programming Engineering Microprocessors-based Systems Television Engineering Digital Image Processing Information Processing Technologies


Courses for B.Sc. in Economics Engineering in Electronics (IEDEEE), in Romanian: Computer Programming Languages Computer Programming - Algorithms Microwaves Databases in economy Fixed and Mobile Communications Telecommunications Networks Multimedia Technologies E-Commerce

2-YEAR M.SC. (Bologna System)

Courses for M.Sc. in Telecommunications (TC), in Romanian/English: Advanced Design in Computer Networks Unified Communications in Cloud Wireless Systems Microwaves Antennas and RFID Basics of High-Rate Data Transmission 3G/4G/5G Mobile Communications Audio-Video and Data Transmissions Quality of Service in Next-Generation Networks Spread Transmission Systems with Spectral and Power Efficiency Radio Networks Design


Courses for M.Sc. in Multimedia Technologies (TM), in Romanian/English: Advanced Systems for Audio-Video Coding and Compression Speech Analysis, Synthesis and Recognition Advanced Software in Telecommunications Distributed Databases Advanced Computer Architectures Methods and Systems for Image Analysis and Interpretation Speech Compression Techniques Advanced Techniques for Data Flow Coding and Control Information Secretisation Techniques Database Design and Programming Security in IT Systems Biometric security systems


Courses for M.Sc. in Signal and Image Processing (PSI), in French: Advanced Techniques for Image and Video Processing Software for Signal and Image Processing Signal and Image Processing Techniques Based on Wavelet Transform Neural Networks Statistical Signal Processing Mathematical Methods and Numerical Algorithms for Signal Processing Genomic Signal Processing Speech Analysis, Synthesis and Recognition Reconfigurable Architectures for Signal and Image Processing Information Secretisation Techniques Image and Video Coding and Compression Speech Compression Techniques


Courses for M.Sc. in Communications Integrated Systems with Special Applications (SICAS), in Romanian: Information Secretisation Techniques Unified Communications in Cloud Microwaves Antennas and RFID Software Packages in Communications Mobile Communications Systems Digital Modulations for Radio Systems Wireless Systems Radio Networks Design Radio Communications Systems Measurements


Courses for M.Sc. in Technologies, Systems and Applications for eActivities (TSAE), in Romanian/ English: Multimedia Systems  Database Design and Programming  Systems for Digital Content Management  2017-2018: Design amd Development of Systems for eActivities, 2018-2019: Personal Data Management for IT Systems  2018-2019: Systemic Thinking for Professional Development



3-YEAR PH.D. (Bologna System)

11 Ph.D. Advisors in the domain: Engineering Sciences, specialization: Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies Engineering:


Monica BORDA, Aurel VLAICU, Virgil DOBROTA, Tudor PALADE, Mircea VAIDA, Mircea GIURGIU, Radu ARSINTE, Romulus TEREBES, Gavril TODEREAN, Marcel CREMENE, Emanuel PUSCHITA




Teaching laboratories: Programming Software Engineering Microwaves Microprocessors Systems Theory of Information and Coding Telephony Switching and Routing Radio Communications Computer Networks Television Engineering Multimedia Systems and Applications Data Transmission Media Processors Signal Processors Digital Image Processing Speech Processing Mobile Communications


The laboratory equipment was acquired within the frame of the international grants/programs (such as: H2020, CHIST-ERA, FP7, FP6, FP5, TEMPUS, COST, COPERNICUS, INCO-COPERNICUS, PHARE, ACTS, LEONARDO, eContentPlus, Marie Curie); national grants/programs (such as: UEFISCDI, CEEX, TD, PNCDI, PNCDI II IDEI, RU-TD, RU-ISI,0 PART, INOV) and sponsorship from different companies (Texas Instruments, Nokia, Siemens, Continental, HP, Brinel, Emerson, Betfair, Frequentis, Bosch, NTT Data etc.).


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